Southwest Albuquerque consists of the quadrant of the city South of Central and west of I-25. It’s bordered by the pueblo of Isleta on the South, and continues to expand west. Southwest Albuquerque is an up-and-coming area of the city, as it’s one that continues to expand rapidly with new subdivisions. It is accessed easily via I-40, being just about 5 minutes from downtown on a quick freeway commute. Southwest Albuquerque is a great value when it comes to homes since you can find new construction at affordable prices. The area is sought after by many first time homebuyers or ones that want more bang for their buck. This unique area consists of new and old neighborhoods, including the south valley, which is home to some of the oldest authentic homes in the city. You can find modern suburban sprawl and vast agricultural communities all within Southwest Albuquerque.

Southwest Albuquerque Schools

Albuquerque Public Schools is devoted to increasing student success through a standards-based learning setting, supported by a structure of constant progress. And it shows! Southwest Albuquerque has a quick commute to the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College. There are many great public and private schools in the area, including West Mesa High School, Carlos Rey Elementary School, Legacy Academy, and Jimmy Carter Middle School.

Southwest Albuquerque Dining, Shopping and Entertainment

Southwest Albuquerque has many authentic New Mexican and Mexican restaurants, as well as numerous convenient and fast places to eat. Shopping is unique in that you can find authentic Mexican and New Mexican apparel in the hearth of the South Valley, and modern apparel spread through many of the area’s outdoor strip malls. There are various places to be entertained, whether it is by mariachis at a local authentic restaurant, or karaoke at a local bar. Southwest Albuquerque also houses the nationally recognized National Hispanic Cultural Center, which houses world renowned Hispanic events and is a beautiful venue to enjoy local and national artist. Check out this eye-catching cultural center at

Southwest Albuquerque Parks and Recreation

The beautiful Rio Grande Bosque (forest) is one of the most recommended areas for outdoor attractions in the state, and is located in Southwest Albuquerque. With miles and miles of running and biking trails along the beautiful Rio Grande River, it’s an amazing place to get out and experience nature. Conveniently located in the middle of the city, and surrounded by beautiful agricultural communities along the river, the site is quite a treat for a city to have. The large native cottonwood trees and other native foliage make for a beautiful surrounding, and are breathtaking during our transition into fall.