Cesar Chavez Day is an annual spring event in Albuquerque.  The two part march and festival will take place this year on Saturday, March 28th. This free Albuquerque community event celebrates Cesar Chavez’s life.  The celebrations begin at 10:30 a.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  The march begins and ends at the center, followed by guest speakers, community awards, dance presentations and live music, a family fiesta with children’s activities, exhibits, and food.

Cesar Chavez was one of America’s chief civil rights leaders. Standing at five feet, six inches tall, Cesar was a giant. He created the United Farmers Workers in 1962 and led the cause for farm worker rights. Chavez toured farm towns and farm camps signing on members and stimulating worker support. Chavez believed farm workers deserved to be treated better than what their employers treated them. Against all odds and much resistance, he succeeded in bringing union representations to tens of thousands of farm workers.

In 1973, Chavez and 10,000 farm workers went on strike to dispute a contract regarding grape picking. The strikers were arrested, abused and killed. Chavez then asked the American people to boycott grapes and received support from over 17 million citizens. The 1975 Agricultural Labor Relations Act was passed as a result of the boycott and provided legal protection to the farmers. Chavez fought for worker rights until his death in 1993.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is located at 1701 Fourth Street. S.W., Albuquerque.  For questions, additional information and directions, call 505-246-2261 or, visit the event website.

If you’re thinking about making it a fun-filled cultural weekend, be sure to check out the Siembra, Latino Theatre Festival: The Chupacabra Cantina held at the Wells Fargo Auditorium from March 26 through 29. You’ll find nuns, a bartender, and an unexpected guest planting seeds of social justice.  Stories from around the world are woven into the foundation of the characters’ lives, pushing them to question what kind of seeds they’re planting, and whether they’re feeding the “chupacabra.” Accompanied by live music and song; co-presented by Las Meganenas. For ticket information and show times, please visit the National Hispanic Cultural Center website.

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